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2018-2019 Pta Board

President:  Lauren Mahlmeister

Vice President:  Allison Loftis

Treasurer:  Thundarr Shaw

Secretary:  Christy McAnlis

Historian:  Ashley Shaw

Membership Chair:  Imelda Gomez

Health Chair:  Drew Mahlmeister

Auditor:  Teresa Carrillo

PTA e-mail:


Dear Parents, Teachers, and Friends:

We take this opportunity at the beginning of the new school year to welcome you, and invite you to attend and join the College Park PTA.  Our annual membership enrollment is now and we need you in the PTA. For the smallest dues of any national organization, you will become a part of a nation-wide democratic voluntary organization of over 6 million members.

PTA is a group that centers its whole interest on the well being and education of all children and youth. Membership is open to all friends of children. As a member, you will be helping to give each child a chance to achieve a life that is satisfying to themselves and helpful to others. You will have a part in establishing good home-school relations, so that every child will be assured of wise guidance and warm understanding both at home and at school.

Last Year the College Park PTA funded several fun activities and programs for the students and families of College Park.

Here are some of the activities, programs, and positive achievements our students were able to enjoy:

  • Meet the Masters
  • Movie Nights
  • Camp-Out
  • Popcorn Fridays
  • Running Club (We are proud sponsors)
  • Red Ribbon Week BMX Bike Show Performance

In our PTA you will count as an individual and you will be counted upon. As a responsible citizen, you belong in the PTA. This year we are opening up membership to students as well as adults. We hope to encourage children to play an active role in their education.

Membership dues are $10.00 per person.

Join us now. A warm welcome awaits you.

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